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Basics of Enneagram Type 9

The Enneagram is a complex system that can guide our efforts to change the particular and repetitive aspects of how we think, feel, and act (patterns) that limit us and get in the way of achieving the results we want. While we all can identify with all of the types in one way or another, we tend to fixate or see and act in the world from one specific type.

This is a very basic guide to Type 9. Type 9 represents that part in all of us that wants harmony and to be comfortable. Regardless of our type, we can discover the wisdom of the journey from sloth to right action that Type 9 faces every day and teaches us about.

Center of Intelligence: Body

Focus of Attention: Nines focus on harmony and avoiding conflict.


Behavior: Nines would do what others want in order to maintain harmony. They unconsciously avoid expressing their own preference to avoid any possibility of conflict; however, they can be passive aggressive later, once the decision has been made.

Feeling: Nines are part of the anger triad (with 8s and 1s). They unconsciously disconnect from their anger in their quest to maintain peace. However, this repressed anger can leak out in other forms, such as stubbornness. They don’t have many ups and downs.

Thinking: Nines focus on not “rocking the boat”, which sometimes makes them almost invisible. Nines fall asleep to themselves. This also gives a sense of almost not being in the body for Type 9.

Passion —Sloth: this passion is referred to an inaction because it is easier to maintain harmony, which is really just the status quo.

Path to Integration: Real harmony gives the possibility and space for different points of view to co-exist. It is impossible to have real harmony when someone is inattentive to their own views and preferences. There is real power in asserting one’s own view in a way that fosters understanding and peace, this is right action.


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